Food, unincorporated.

Sometimes the best way to fix the system is to start a new one…

This is what we do by creating a platform that wants to connect: ● passionate farmers, committed to sustainable and regenerative agriculture, ● distributors of local products, followers of short circuits, who act in complete transparency and ensure fair remuneration of producers, ● buyers who want to change the world by eating better,

This platform is called the Open Food Network.

Transparent and open source, it promotes fair relations between farmers and consumers. Its objective is to create a quality food network thanks to an efficient and constantly evolving IT tool. It is deployed in several countries. In Belgium, it is developed by Oxfam-World Stores to empower those who grow, sell and buy food.

You are ● A producer: register and present your products to promote them in your region. You energize the platform and connect with new customers. ● A distributor: register and present your project to make it known and convince new customers. ● A consumer: find products near you and discover their stories.

We call it Open Food Network.

We can all participate in the construction of a fairer food system that respects mankind and preserves the planet.

Shopping - here's how it works.

1. Search

Search our diverse, independent shops for seasonal local food. Search by neighbourhood and food category, or whether you prefer delivery or pickup.

2. Shop

Transform your transactions with affordable local food from diverse producers and hubs. Know the stories behind your food and the people who make it!

3. Pick-up / Delivery

Hang on for your delivery, or visit your producer or hub for a more personal connection with your food. Food shopping as diverse as nature intended it.

Shopping that makes the world a better place.

I'm Ready

We're creating a new food system.

474 food producers

183 food shops

2,730 food shoppers

33,627 food orders